About Us

Key Role

Applied Financial Diagnostics provides independent, specialised financial analytics and services for companies and organisations that can benefit from  financial management of currencies, finances and commodity exposures in a global context

Core Services:

•    Reviews of financial and treasury operations and opportunities
•    Provision of financial diagnostics to add value
•    Enhance strategic financial management
•    Pre-empt opportunities and dangers by providing clear triggers and benchmarks
•    Contract pricing analysis, especially with respect to foreign exchange
•    Custom-design in-house seminars to increase financial management skills
•    Determination of optimal pricing strategies
•    Cost mitigation with respect to existing or potential arrangements with entities, corporations and/or financial institutions
•    Identification & valuation of embedded options, contract pricing clauses and international transfer pricing
•    Assess the effectiveness of  financial strategies, systems & controls.
•    Specialist advice on financial instruments and markets
•    Foreign exchange exposure management
•    Expert witness services, especially foreign exchange and international transfer pricing
•    Systems design
•    Financial Due Diligence

AFD’s Goal is to assist individuals and organisations to increase value through a range of financial management techniques

Aim: To increase corporate profitability by (using the CFO and Treasurer to) drive the finance function as a major catalyst for profitability in the company.

This can be done in the following three main areas:

1. Reviewing current opportunities for immediate, risk-free increase in returns and decrease in costs, fees and margins (identifying money on the table)

1.1. By evaluating contracts to identify additional
1.2. Through conducting financial pricing reviews
1.3. By eliminating timing mismatches

2. Enhancing short and long term profitability by using financial diagnostics to identify  opportunities to add value generated as markets and prices move(putting more money on the table)

2.1. Analysing funding, facilities & capital management:
2.2 Proactive currency management:
2.3. By undertaking strategic commodity management:

3. Pre-empting windows of opportunity to ensure opportunities can be identified and risk management embedded to ensure no surprises, value added from opportunities & peace of mind for stakeholders

3.1. Through the provision of ongoing reports and monitoring to ensure CEO and CFO controls of both opportunity and risk management.
3.3. Providing diagnostics as well as learning & development training.

Dr Richard Allan FAICD

Richard AllanRichard is a financial strategy specialist, assisting companies to identify value within existing businesses by providing strategic financial services and analytics.

Richard’s main experience is in the corporate sector, including eight years with the third largest corporate in Australia managing capital, currency and commodity exposures including coal, iron ore, aluminium and oil & gas, I have had exposure to all major facets of financial operations. These include roles as Australian Treasurer – Corporate Financial Management at one of the four major Australian banks,  Director & VP Treasury & Capital Markets for the then world’s largest bank’s Australasian operations, financial adviser to many federal government departments including tax, audit and legal and Director & Associate Professor for postgraduate finance programmes in Australia and Asia.

Other roles include chairman of the one of the four major Australian bank’s securitisation companies and chief examiner for CPA Australia’s postgraduate financial management course.
Richard has worked extensively in international markets, including capital raising, project financing and exposure management for multinationals, primary producers, manufacturers, project financiers, federal governments, SMEs and not-for-profits.
His qualifications include a doctorate from the Australian National University (on the economics of Australian financial markets) and master’s degrees in economics and finance.

George Huen

George HuenGeorge has benefitted from over 20 years senior treasury management experience in large multinationals and corporates such as the ABB Group, Electronic Data Systems Inc (now part of the HP group) and Sydney Airport accompanied with Asia Pacific experience including India, China and Japan.

During his time with ABB, he completed the feasibility study, initiated and managed a profit centre treasury for over 10 years including running the front office in Australia and New Zealand.
In EDS, he was responsible for the Asia Pacific treasury activities including a US$500 million acquisition in India and the completion of the initial funding in the Chinese operations. During this time, he was directly involved in several off balance and structure finance solutions for customers in Australia and New Zealand.

At Sydney Airport, he was involved in the diversification of corporate funding strategies in bank debt and credit wrapped debt to domestic and international capital markets post GFC, in excess of $2 billion in 2010 and $1 billion in 2011, including liaising with credit rating agencies and other credit providers. He was also involved in managing the interest rate strategy.

George is a Fellow of the CPA with a Masters degree in Applied Finance.