Bank fee and margin review

Our service

Applied Financial Diagnostics will conduct a review of your organisation covering:

  • Your cash management practices, such as the number of operating accounts you maintain, interest earned on those account, etc.
  • The bank fees that you are currently paying on operating, investment and loan accounts.
  • The interest rate margins that the banks are charging you on borrowings.
  • Investment products currently in use and the yields achieved.

As a result of the review, we believe that we will likely be able to help you achieve significant savings on fees and interest on borrowings, and significant gains on interest income on operating accounts and investments.

As part of this service we would then provide assistance with bank tenders and negotiations.

Our fee

Our standard charge for the review is 50% of any savings that we achieve in the following 12 months. You therefore only ever pay us out of money you have already saved. Fortunately the bank in effect pays for our review. If we are not able to find any savings then you do not pay at all. Further, you only pay us out of money you save in the first 12 months. Therefore if we find $30,000 of savings a year, over five years we receive $15,000 (being half of the first year’s savings) and you receive $135,000.