Professional Development Programmes





Target audience


A Decade of Financial Disasters: What do we learn from History?

  • Ten case studies
  • Implications
  • How to avoid them: a 7 step guide

Can be tailored to financial executives, Boards or non-market groups[e.g. Rotary]

Audience are given a questionnaire prior to talk; results are collated. 

Are corporate treasuries obsolete?

  • The five types of "Treasuries"
  • The impact of globalisation: case study of the FX markets
  • Implications for corporate boards

Corporate Boards

Professional associations


Analysing financial proposals: if you can't spot the wood-duck, you're it

  • A case of fraud?: Currency House
  • Chinese checkers: the law of two prices
  • They do it with mirrors: The Rome Land Case Study
  • Outsourcing: too good to be true?
  • Implications for the CFO and Board

Financial regulators [in-house training]

Company directors

Professional associations

All case are based on actual events, either contemporary or recent.

Too good to be true? The star employee

Interactive re-enactment of the AWA case.

Includes two video clips from the time: hero and anti-hero.

  • Implications for directors

Corporate In-house training

Corporate directors

Professional associations

Requires video equipment

Financial Frauds: Pyramid investment schemes from Albania to Australia

  • "Ponzi" Financing
  • Case study: Albania
  • How it works
  • Case study: Indonesia
  • Case Study: Australia's own Froggy

After dinner occasions

Association functions


Financial Engineering: Lessons from the American Civil War

Confederate Fund-raising: the Cotton Bond

A "Lego" approach to financial engineering

Case studies in financial engineering for non-specialists

Non-bank financial institutions and professional associations

Semi-technical. Designed for a professional audience.