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Board Members

How Not to Host a Disaster

[half day]

Series of four board meetings:
  1. The Annual budget: Strategic implications?
  2. Profits: too good to be true?
  3. The star employee
  4. Due Diligence

Based on an actual case. Includes videos and actual board papers.
Checklists for directors provided

Board Members

Financial Due Diligence

[half or full day]

Diagnostics & Checklists:

  • Outsourcing
  • Embedded options
  • Bank financing proposals

A workshop for executive & non-executive directors.

Can be tailored to individual companies.

Board Members

[Not-for Profit organisations]

Due Diligence: Legal Risk

[Half day]

Executive remuneration
Hiring & Firing
Insider trading

A workshop for executive & non-executive directors.

Can be tailored to individual companies.

Company Directors, Senior Executives

Strategic Financial Management

[one day]

Eight case studies designed to assist directors and senior executives to increase their skills in utilising financial markets to enhance long-term profitability

No financial expertise is assumed.

Company Directors, Senior Executives

Globalisation: Understanding foreign exchange can increase risk-free profitability
[2-3 days]
Training marketing executives with no knowledge of financial markets or foreign exchange in methods to  use international markets to increase long term, risk-free returns

Courses are conducted for individual organisations only.

Company Directors, Senior ExecutivesStrategic Financial Management:
Specialised versions

[Half or one day]
Four "menus":
1.    Rural
2.    Government
3.    International
4.    Domestic
Can also be delivered in-house.

Senior Executives

(Financial Institutions)

Corporate financial management

[one days]

A corporate view of:

  • Project financing
  • Currency exposure management
  • Analysing bank proposals

In-house only.

Government Foreign Exchange exposure management:
Maximising the benefits of globalisation
[Half or one day]

The 7 deadly sins of FX exposure management
ANAO benchmarks
Contract evaluations and negotiations
The seven stages of effective currency exposure management
Case studies

Joint ventures

Conditions precedent

Corporate Executives

[non-finance specialists]

Executive Tutorials
[up to three hours per session]

Tailor-made in-house training and mentoring for non-finance specialists on financial markets and instruments Can be tailored to:

Heads of Functions Internal auditors